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What makes a place great? Is it education, public safety, or culture? Equitable access to vital resources? Or is it the hearts, minds, and souls of individual citizens who care enough to take action? The answer is yes

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What's Happening

Memphis nonprofits ask, "Are we inclusive? Are we equitable?"

(Feb. 13, 2020) The Community Foundation, along with seven other local organizations, has participated in a months-long training program spearheaded by New Orleans-based Beloved Community to become more inclusive and equitable in our work.

2020 Census could bring in dollars to Memphis for childcare, healthcare

(Nov. 20, 2019) The U.S. Census survey is an infrequent intruder, showing up every 10 years to pry, prod and sometimes annoy. But in a city like Memphis, with high poverty and low response, getting a good count in 2020 is a must or the consequences could really hurt, experts say.